Remote editing with Atom (rmate, sshfs)


  1. Install rmate in remote.
  2. Install remote-atom as Atom package in local.
  3. Configure "remote forwarding" of rmate port in local (local:port -> remote:port).
  4. Open Atom in local.
  5. Execute rmate file.txt in remote (ssh). Atom in local will show the file, and you can edit it.

rmate cannot be used for Atom Tree View (Project View). But tree command in ssh is useful for viewing project file entries.

tree -L 1
tree -L 1 -A

autossh -M 0 REMOTE is also useful.


# Mac
brew cask install osxfuse
brew install sshfs
# Ubuntu
sudo apt install sshfs
sshfs REMOTE: MOUNT_POINT -o follow_symlinks
# Mac
diskutil unmount MOUNT_POINT
# Ubuntu
fusermount -u MOUNT_POINT